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The Lockwood Survey 2000

Sub-title: Capturing, Catering and Caring for the Consumer.  

(Includes performance appraisal of 260 centres.)

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The report contains:

    A critical evaluation of why some town and city centres lose trade.

    Key factors which affect consumer behaviour.

    -   Evidence that Town Centre Management improves store takings.

    An analysis of the impact of carcentrics* on traditional centres.

    -   Rental and store takings information for individual centres.

    *The study identifies a separate group of centres within the retail hierarchy which consistently achieve strong growth in store takings.

The analysis is based data from two main sources: (i) store takings from 4,500 stores operated by 43 principal high street companies and (ii) information gathered directly from panels of local business people and town centre managers.  In addition data on zone A rents supplied by Healey & Baker.

The report answers questions:

    -    Which towns had strong growth in store takings?

    -   Which centres had a high percentage of stores with declining takings?

    -    What impact did Bluewater & Trafford make on towns in their shadow?

    -   Is store performance affected by congestion & parking issues?

    -    Which centres had poor standards of security, toilets and environment?

    -   Which aspects of town centre management make most impact on town centre viability?

    -   What are key issues affecting the success of open-air markets?

In addition to the main report detailed information is also provided for each centre:

    -   A snapshot of characteristics presented in 56 pages of graphs & data.

    -   Property performance indicators including zone A rents & growth rates & takings growth.

    -   Names of key contacts for property, investment & management enquiries.

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