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Introduction. Dynamic changes are affecting many town and city centres in the UK.  E-commerce, growing affluence, growth in personal mobility & the strengthening of key shopping destinations are some of the factors influencing consumer behaviour.  Changes in national policies have also had a significant bearing on the fortunes of town centre retailing.   The free market policies of the 1980s allowed the development of major carcentrics (purpose designed centres catering for car-borne shoppers) which have affected trade in towns in many parts of the country.  Athough cars play a key role in sustaining the economic vitality of many town centres there is the prospect that their use will be discouraged or even curtailed in the next few years which will clearly have an impact on consumer behaviour.  The aim of the Lockwood Survey research is to monitor the economic health & competitiveness of town & city centres & to make information available to all those who have an interest in their future.      For more information see Background........

Research reports.   Since 1995 a series of independent research reports has been produced which provide information on the performance of stores operated by multiple retailers and on the character of centres & the quality of services & facilities provided.  The reports also monitor the impact of town centre management.     

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List of reports:

The Lockwood Survey 2002.    Sub-title: Keeping the focus on town centre competitiveness.   Date of survey: spring 2002.   Published August 2003.   Coverage: 274 centres.

The Lockwood Survey 2000.   Sub-title: Capturing, Catering and Caring for the Consumer.   Date of survey: spring 2000.   Published March 2001.   Coverage: 260 centres.

The Lockwood Survey 1999.   Sub-title: Setting the scene for the next century: How effectively are towns and cities being managed?   Date of survey: spring 1998.  Coverage 250 centres.

The Lockwood Survey.  (Published 1997)  Sub-title: How are Britain's towns and cities shaping up to the new millennium?   Date of survey: spring 1996.  Coverage: 140 centres.

What's happening in our town centres? (Published 1996)  Sub-title: A survey of 46 town centres considering trading conditions the impact of town centre management between 1990 - 1995.   Date of survey: spring 1995.  Coverage: 46 centres.