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Data for monitoring  performance of town centre businesses.

Town centre managers can obtain a profile of the performance of stores in their own centre together with similar information for three groups of centres chosen for comparison purposes.  The graphical presentation provides a clear picture of the fluctuations in trading conditions in centres.  Click to view example.

The data shows:

  1.  The percentage of stores -

       a.   achieving growth greater than twice the level of inflation.

       b.   achieving growth above the rate of inflation.

       c.   achieving growth below the rate of inflation.

       d.   affected by declining takings.

       e.   affected by decline of more than 5% per year.

  2.  Trends going back to 1995/6 for most of the top 250 centres in the UK.

It is intended to update the information annually on a consistent basis so that the trends and  fluctuations will be evident. 

The last set of data was produced in spring 2002.

The next set of data should be available by October 2003.

The cost of the data to town centre managers ranges from 100 to 250 dependent on the size of the centre and the number of stores in the sample.

Click to view a typical Profile of Performance.

To obtain a profile contact:        

John Lockwood        Phone: 01 484 664 808  

                                     Fax: 01 484 664 808 

                                 E-mail: lockwood@lockwood-survey.com

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