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Presentations to Business Associations/management Groups.

Pesentations can be undertaken tailored to specific locations.  

Town centre business associations, management boards and local authorities can benefit from an overview of the centre provided by an independent expert.  This can be dovetailed with the launch of a new initiative or part of a business plan review.  The presentation will be based on data  from the Lockwood Survey supplemented as appropriate by material relating to urban design, shop front design, development of local partnerships, working with local authorities etc. 

The preferred approach involves:

1.  An advance visit to see first hand, hear about local circumstances and take photographs which will be used to emphasise key points. 

2.  A presentation at a later date using the most recent Lockwood Survey to profile the centre and identify issues and possible solutions which could enhance the potential of the centre.

Alternatively a single visit to make a presentation about the Survey can be made.

Contact John Lockwood to discuss arrangements:

      Telephone: 01 484 664 808  

                Fax: 01 484 664 808

            E-mail:  lockwood@lockwood-survey.com